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Erotic sex blog
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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Yet another bitch

Guys are weird. Who the heck says exactly what they mean and feel?

I should get myself a tweeter.

Not all men are pigs. There are other animals too.

Sometimes I talk to myself. Hahaha me too!

I'm not shy. I just never feel like replying dumb questions. Big difference.

My English teacher staples Burger King job application forms on failed tests.

Word of advice ladies: Never date a guy who doesn't like dogs.

Last night, I got in touch with my feminine side... I made myself a sandwich.

Some of you arsewipes call me perverted, but I prefer to call myself sexually explicit.

2 pieces of advice for married men
Never laugh at your wife's choices; you are one of them
Never proud of your choices; your wife is one of them

I don't understand why people tiptoe around the issue of sex, it's perfectly natural - 'no sex before marriage' if you wish to be a boring cunt.

If my boyfriend doesn't turn on the TV first when he sits down on the couch, that's a BJ request.

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