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Erotic sex blog
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Friday, February 24, 2012

No sex for me!

I haven't had sex since Monday, so don't you fucking dare talk to me about world hunger. OK!

Make fullest of sex when it cums along
research found dat more sex can cure a low blood pressure n also release stress....other den dat gud 4 intimate relationship:)

Sex is an age old natural therapy, if you are deprived, you are deprived...

Last night, I got in touch with my feminine side... I made myself a sandwich.

Some of you arsewipes call me perverted, but I prefer to call myself sexually explicit.

I don't understand why people tiptoe around the issue of sex, it's perfectly natural - 'no sex before marriage' if you wish to be a boring cunt.

If my boyfriend doesn't turn on the TV first when he sits down on the couch, that's a Blow Job request.

You know how your first cigarette after you've quit smoking for months is better than any orgasm and yes! Yes! OH GOD yessss.

both can be addictive u start again

yezz...thats rite..ive stopped for 4 months, n i know da pleasure after starting new again...hihihi..

Orgasm rocks! Nuff said.

The sexual tension between me and my mirror is undeniable.

Flirting, anyone can do. Holding a conversation of substance for more than 5 messages? Please, humor me. I miss being impressed.

I am that girl your parents didn't warn you about because nobody knows this much awesome is contained in a single mind.

I refuse to be friends with the kind of girl who asks for her hairband back.

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