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Erotic sex blog
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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bitch is back

Lesbian relationships last longer because there isn't any problem they can't lick.

lesbian is no good...haha... i like to lick pussy also..want me to help u?

I just took some pills I found in my purse for my head ache, don't know what they were for... so now we wait.

It's not the viagra or cialis?

Out of 10, the only orgasm that really matters is a GOOD one. :)
orgasm...out of come
But i think every orgasm should matter, Both parties should help each other to acheived orgasm. More satisfying.

I'm not that demanding. I just wanna wake up one Sunday morning wearing his shirt. And also discover that I have superpowers.

She can have anyone's attention, but she wants yours. Don't fuck it up.

I'm getting really good at walking around my home in my underwear and pretending that I have no idea my blinds are open.
I'm horny right now, what is the colour of your underwear now?

If women wanted sex as much as men, there would be eleventy hundred billion people on Earth

Sorry if I rub some of you the wrong way, but a rub is a rub, so shut the fuck up and enjoy it.

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