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Erotic sex blog
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Sunday, October 14, 2012

 If you fall in and out of love all the time then your "I love you" doesn't mean shit anymore. Your "I love you" is a slut.

Just because I'm comfortable with my own sexuality doesn't mean that I have to entertain his sexual advances?

Guys who sexually, physically or verbally abuse women are disgusting cocksucking pathetic little cunts. It is known.

I do not fall in love easily but when I do, I'll make sure there's blood everywhere.

Where is everyone? I'm as bored as a guy with no arms looking at porn.

 I'm HORNY! Don't make me come over kidnap you, lock you up, make you watch chick flicks and force you to fall madly in love with me and my nakedness. Cause I will!

LOVE is thinking about the same person every time you masturbate. Herbal Sexual Enhancement

 I'm the girl you dream about fucking, but have nightmares about calling the next day..

If you're angry that he was just using you for sex you were probably just using sex to get him to date in the first place.

 I'd to sit on my boyfriend's face just to stop him talking about soccer for an hour.  I don't sex ugly men I gotta think about my kids future...

There are two kinds of women in the world, those who don't wear make-up to the gym and those who let guys cum on their faces. Newsflash! And then there is a third kind tat dont go to the gym and uses the cum as the facial mask.

I have a VAGINA! I also have a degree in Political Science from Cambridge University but men don't seem to care about that shit.

The 72 virgins waiting in heaven thing doesn't apply to women right? Cause the last thing I need is 72 nervous guys who can't give oral.

Life is all about Money, Sex and Power. Got to strike a balance. That's what life is about. Sexual enhancement

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