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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Yoga In The Park

“Watching you stretch like that has really been turning me on…” George said as he stared at Angelina.
They were in a local park doing their early morning yoga session.
“Oh really?” she asked seductively running her hands over her breasts.
Her nipples immediately hardened and pressed through her tight yoga top. George lunged forward and pushed her up against the tree as they kissed passionately. He slipped his hands into the sides of her yoga pants and jerked it down to her feet.

“You feel so hard,” Angelina whispered as she jerked his shorts down allowing his rock-hard erection to bounce out triumphantly.

George grabbed her breasts and squeezed them tightly as he pushed his hips against hers allowing his cock to slip between her moist, swollen folds. Angelina moaned softly as she closed her eyes and bit down on her bottom lip. His tip pressed against her sensitive nub. Sex pill treat soft erection

“Put it in,” she begged, hardly able to speak.
George thrust himself forward as his hard erection slipped into her tight, wet opening. Angelina gasped loudly and wrapped her legs around his waist. George started ramming her hard, pounding her body into the tree as hard as he could. He grabbed a handful of her hair and tugged at it while he ploughed his cock deep into her. Angelina’s boobs bounced up and down vigorously as he increased the intensity of his thrusting.

The next moment Angelina cried out loudly.
“Baby, baby, argh that’s so damn good! Deeper!” she shouted.
Her entire body started shaking violently as she convulsed into an intense orgasm. She trembled and writhed in glee as her climax tore through her burning body. George continued pounding her relentlessly as she continued quivering with lust.

Finally she unhooked her legs from his waist. George pulled his dripping cock out of her with a soft liquid sound. Without hesitation Angelina went down onto her knees. She looked up at him with her beautiful eyes as she wrapped her lips around the tip of his throbbing erection.

She slid her face forward, allowing the length of his veiny shaft to slide into her mouth. George grabbed a handful of her hair as he started thrusting her mouth with his pulsating cock. She gagged a little as she felt his tip sliding down her throat. After sucking him off for a few minutes she pulled her mouth off his shaft and placed his balls in her mouth.

“Let me put it in your ass a bit,” George said, struggling to speak as she sucked lovingly on his balls. Buy Maxi2 cure impotent
She teased him for a few more seconds before she responded.
Angelina stood up and turned around, her perfect tight ass facing George. He came up behind her, parted her cheeks and started inching his erection into her incredibly tight ass. After struggling for a few minutes he shoved himself inside, causing Angelina to cry out with pleasure.

She held onto the tree as he rammed her ass hard and deep, her breasts swinging back and forth violently. Angelina almost felt like passing out as another intense orgasm tore through her trembling body.

At the last moment George pulled himself out, grunted loudly and exploded sending streams of hot cum across her back.

A few seconds later they laughed as they collapsed in a pile of leaves.

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