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Friday, October 23, 2015

Sex on the beach... almost

He stared into her eyes, inches away from her face. He only now realized how beautiful she actually was. He wiped a strand of her hair behind her ear, staring at her flawless skin. Jessica placed her hand on the back of his neck and pulled him closer. She closed her eyes as they kissed. Jessica opened her mouth, allowing Brad to slip his tongue into it as their kiss became more passionate and intense.

Brad moved his right hand to her waist and slipped it under her white blouse. He slid his hand over her flat stomach and up to her breasts. Jessica moaned into his mouth as he squeezed her firm mounds through her bra. He could feel her nipples becoming more erect, pressing hard against the material.

Brad moved his lips to her neck, kissing her gently. Jessica felt shivers running down her spine. She rolled over slightly, allowing Brad to unclip her bra. He brought his hand back to her tender breasts, running his fingers over her rock hard puffy nipples. Jessica moaned again – Brad was arousing her beyond belief.

“What if somebody see us here on the beach?” Jessica whispered, her eyes still closed.
“I don’t care,” Brad whispered into her ear before he continued kissing her slender neck.

Brad squeezed and played with her breasts for a few more minutes before pulling his arm out from under her shirt. He placed his hand on her bare knee and slowly moved his hand down under her dress, feeling her soft inner thighs.

 “Are you sure you want to do this?” Brad asked.
“Yes…” Jessica panted, almost begging.

Brad moved his hand over the front of her cotton panties, feeling her swollen lips through the thin material. Jessica moaned again as Brad rubbed her lips, feeling the moisture seeping through the cotton. He ran his fingers along the outside ridge of the underwear, feeling the lacy edges. He pulled her panties to one side, exposing her completely. He slipped his middle finger into her warm, wet slit.

“Brad…” she gasped, arching her back.
Jessica was incredibly aroused feeling Brad’s fingers teasing her lips. She moaned louder, unable to keep her lust inside.

Brad moved his finger up, swirling it in circular movements as he started rubbing her soft clitoris, feeling it harden almost instantly. Jessica gasped again, her body trembling softly. Brad was making her feel things she never thought possible. His attention to every inch of her body was driving her crazy.

She reached down and slipped her hand into Brad’s underwear. She became even more aroused as she wrapped her fingers around his stronger erection, feeling the veins protruding around his bulging cock. Jessica started moving her hand up and down, jerking him off as he continued teasing her inner lips with his fingers.

Brad moved his drenched finger down and slipped it straight into her tight wetness. Jessica gasped loudly, feeling Brad’s finger inside her. She was aching to have Brad inside her, his strong arms holding her down as he rammed her hard and deep.

“I want you, Brad, I want you inside me…” Jessica whispered.

She was ready. She didn’t care who saw them or what the consequences would be, she just wanted him inside her. Jessica parted her legs wider as she jerked Brad off more vigorously. She could feel his harder erection pulsating in her hand. She wanted it inside of her, to feel the ultimate connection with him.

Brad pulled his middle finger from her and slowly inserted two fingers into her. He could feel her lips contracting hard around his fingers. He used his thumb to rub her sensitive nub.

Electricity coursed through her body. Her body trebled. She could hardly speak, too aroused to utter a word.

“Get on top of me...” she stuttered, pulling Brad towards her.
“Hey, is somebody there?” a voice called from a distance, interrupting their intense moment.

Brad and Jessica both turned their heads in the direction of the voice. It was somebody coming up the beach. Sex pill Boost libido labido libedo

Brad and Jessica laughed as they jumped up and dashed off to dinner.

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