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Monday, October 5, 2015

Just my diary for today

Alright, guys! I'm back! Wendy is officially in the house!
  So, I actually did go to the bar with Cat this week. She picked me up at me house and we drove across town, to this out of the way place called Hendrick's. It's her favorite bar - and I'm not too picky on that front. In truth, I'm not a huge drinker.

   For a while, we just sat and joked around. I'm sure that the 'tender thought we were crazy, the way we laughed and shoved at each other. Around the time Cat started her fourth drink, she looked at me and said, "You need to try some new kinks." Buy Maxi2

   And then, right there in the middle of the bar, she started telling me about all this stuff I needed to try. She said there's a club that she can hook me up with, one that is all about trying new sexual experiences. Things like latex and ropes.

   She even told me about this one girl that she used to know, who would have sex with her dog! Can you believe that?

   And I'm crazy for thinking about any of this.
   I'm crazy for having gotten so drunk, and for letting some strange ass man take me for a spin. He was a looker, though. Red hair, white shirt, real put together looking. I mentioned being drunk, right? Because I was. Four beers might not be a lot to some people, but I was way past tipsy.

   We went out to the parking lot, and he laid me out in the back of his van. We didn't bother taking our clothes off all the way; just pushed up my skirt, pushed down my panties, and undid his fly.
   He took me hard and fast, whispering in my ear the entire time. Called me all kinds of foul names, called me bitch and whore and slut - and I am ashamed to say that I came harder in that van then I ever have before. Sex pill cure impotent

   The man was kind enough to let me come down from my buzz before booting me to the curb. I righted my skirt and found Cat, who was still drinking away at the bar. That girl has the highest alcohol tolerance out of anyone else that I know.

   I, uh, didn't tell her about my little fling.
   Crazy, right?
   Everything is crazy!
   I'm going to check out that club. Once I go, I'll get on here and let you guys know how it went. 
   Wendy, over and out!

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