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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Ladyboy Surprise

I always went out clubbing with my gay friend Brad. He was always meticulously dressed, smelled nice, never hit on me and of course always had the best drugs. He took me mostly to gay clubs where I could be myself and not worry about being pawed and drooled on. No one ever hit on me when I was out with him, until that one Saturday late June.

            We were at ‘The Back Door’, one of the most happening clubs in tow. There were mostly men there, but there were a mix of pretty women. Brad told me that lots of bi girls came here looking for some harmless fun. I had tried it before, and wasn’t averse to the idea, should some totally sexy woman approach me.

            And approach she did. All flowing long jet black hair, big breasts and sensual walk. She said that she was from Singapore just before she kissed me for the first time. I told her that I lived around the corner as I drew in a sharp breath as she pressed against me, one hand pushing against my stockings, legs open, dress hiked up. Libido Booster

            “I’m not at all like other girls” she whispered in my ear, “I’m different… please promise you won’t get mad.” Her voice was needy, husky and sultry.

            “Take me to bed” I replied, my pussy drenching my tiny panties. We walked the three short blocks to my apartment hand in hand. I was silent, she spoke non-stop.

            “I’m really different, I hope you are ok with it” Katrina said.
            “I have been with girls” I replied, “maybe not an Asian girl, but….” My sentence trailed off, in the stupidity that it was.

            Suddenly we were at my door, kissing and groping each other. That was when I felt it. The ‘woman’ that had come to my house had a raging hard on. I could feel it through her dress and panties. She was a ladyboy, admittedly one of the prettiest and most convincing that I had ever seen. She was 100% female, except for the package between her legs. I could have freaked out and turned and ran but I was enthralled, totally horny and more than just a little curious.

            “Wanna fuck me?” I asked demurely.
            “Baby let me make you feel good” she replied. What followed was the strangest yet somehow most erotic sexual experience that i ever experienced. Sex pill cure impotent

            We undressed each other and it was amazing to see a big hard cock poking out of the top of her panties, while at the same time experiencing the touch of a girl. We 69’d and I swallowed her cock deeper into my throat than I ever had with any guy because I was so horny. It felt so wrong and so right at the same time. Ed pills treat erectile dysfunction

            She fucked me stupid until my legs were shaking so hard that I could barely even kneel in a doggy position. I let her cum in my mouth because she had given me so much pleasure and also because she asked me if she could. Besides, I loved the taste of cum, I had just never had it served by a woman before.

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