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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Brenda - The Secretary

Brenda counted her steps as she walked into her boss’ office, not knowing what to expect from the man who never smiles. It was just her second week on the job, and she could barely believe that she had been so reckless as to get herself in a position where her job would be threatened.

She had heard a lot about her new boss, and how difficult it is to please him. She was told to do everything that he says, with attention to every little detail. Two weeks ago, when some of her colleagues warned her about their boss, she had promised to do everything it takes to satisfy him; but as she walked into his office, she knew she’d probably get fired.

Brenda had always had the attention of every boy around him, and she had never cared. When she got her new job two weeks earlier, she could see most of the men were looking at her, with their dick slightly erect and bulging from their trousers. She knew immediately that she would be able to get anything from the boys, but the boss was still yet to check her out, and she knew she had nothing on him.

He was working on his computer when she walked in. He looked up. He wanted to look up for a while and then continue his work like she wasn’t there, but he couldn’t. There was something about her face and her breasts, they looked so different like he was seeing her for the first name. His gaze lingered on the sexiness of her body. Brenda noticing this, she dropped her pen and then turned around to pick it up.

“Errm… I think you should excuse me,” her boss said, “I’ll call for you when I need you.”
“The only problem is, there is something I have to take care of first.” Brenda responded, walking towards him with a confidence that would have stunned any of her colleagues.
“Now, aren’t you erect already?” She continued moving her hand down his chest towards his dick.
“What the fuck are you…”

“Shut up!” Brenda cut him short as she spun his chair around. She yanked down his trousers, grabbed his dick and spat on it and started stroking it with her hands. She slid the tip of his cock and wrapped her lips around it. He gave out a soft moan, letting the sexual pleasure of the moment overwhelm him.
“My turn,” Brenda said, got up and sat on his table.
“Remove my panties and lick my pussy.”

Her boss obeyed like a gentle school boy, he had never given any lady oral sex in the office before, but he had enough sex experiences to know what to do. He rubbed his fingers across the surface of her pussy, allowing his thumb to linger on her clitoris as he teased it. He slid two in fingers into her pussy, gently sliding the fingers in. He watched as she moaned, the sound of her moan pleased him and it made him want to please her more. In his previous sexual encounters, the women had barely moaned; he thrusts in and he cums, no moaning. Being able to make Brenda moan satisfied him greatly.

“Fuck me.” Brenda said within her breath, “fuck me now.”

He gently slid his dick into her pussy, maintain a hard erection and moving gently in a steady pace. Brenda pulled him by the shirt and kissed him, looking him straight in the eye as his breathe collided with hers in a wonderful symphony.

Five minutes later, his cum was dripping out of Brenda’s pussy. She smiled and asked;
“Is my sack letter ready?”
“May be your promotion letter would be tomorrow,” he responded smiling broadly

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