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Friday, January 27, 2017

Peeping My Neighbor

I tossed and turned, finally glancing over at my alarm clock: it was past midnight. Once again I simply couldn’t fall asleep. I took a sip of water and walked to my window, staring out into the night. I noticed my neighbor’s curtains were still open. I stepped back from the window when I realized what I was seeing: they were having sex. It looked like Karen was on top of Tom, riding him hard and fast.

Somehow this voyeuristic experience was making me a little horny. I fumbled in my cupboard until I found my old telescope. I positioned the tripod by the window. I pulled the curtains closed, leaving only a small gap. I went down onto my knees and glanced through it, adjusting the zoom. It was like they were right next to me!

Karen had her hands on Tom’s chest and she was going at it like a bull rider, her boobs bouncing all over the place. Tom like to buy sex pill to maintain a hard erection, I saw it previously. I slipped my hand onto my white cotton panties, shivering with arousal as I slipped a finger between my wet folds. I knew this was wrong… but watching my neighbors, the same people I greet every day as they take their kids to school, going at it like this was extremely erotic. Girls do have their fantasy too.

I swirled my finger around my clitoris, feeling my little nub become more sensitive as it grew stiffer. My nipples grew harder, their darkness pressing through my tight, white top. I used my left hand to fondle my breasts.

At that moment Tom rolled over and Karen went onto her hands and knees. He ploughed her from behind, tugging on her long hair as they both exclaimed so loudly I could hear them all the way over here. As Tom filled Karen with his seed, I closed my eyes, jolts of electricity shooting through my body. I moaned loudly as an earth-shattering orgasm tore through my body. I gasped, losing my balance and falling over. I lay on the floor for ten minutes as my trembling dissipated.

I had no trouble falling asleep again that night.

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