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Monday, December 28, 2015

Hard Ride

“Follow me,” he said as the elevator doors opened and we walked into the underground parking lot.
James was the president of the company. He was rich, powerful and had a great love for expensive cars.
“Here we go, check it out,” he smiled, pointing as his brand new car.
“Wow, this car is amazing!” I said.
I loved cars, probably even more than James did.
“I knew you’d appreciate this one, Amy. Do you want to climb in and take a look?” he asked.
I nodded my head eagerly, unable to contain my broad smile.
“Climb in,” he said as he climbed into the driver’s seat.
I jumped into what felt like heaven. I was in awe, running my hand over dashboard, breathing in the new car smell I loved so much.
“Do you want to push the start button?” he said.
“Please,” I smiled.
I leaned over his lap, reaching for the button. I felt James placing his hand on my neck, massaging it softly. I felt a tingling down my spine. The combination of James’s touch and the car we were in aroused me beyond belief. I could feel a moistening between my legs as his hand moved over my neck.
“Amy, I’ve never told you this but I fantasize about you constantly when we’re at the office. I go hard as soon as I see your bouncy tits in those tight tops you like to wear. I always imagine what kind of panties you’re wearing when you bend down in your short skirts…”
James was breathing heavily. I didn’t move, keeping my face close to his crotch. I moved my hands over his lap slowly, rubbing the front part of his designer pants. I could feel he had a massive hard erection. I pulled his zip down slowly, reaching inside to push his underwear down.
“I dream of your mouth… your red lips around my throbbing cock…” he continued.
I could feel the wetness building up in my panties. I wrapped my fingers around his cock and pulled it out. I gasped at how thick and long it was.
“You’re so big…” I whispered.
I leaned down and wrapped my red lips around the tip of his cock. James grunted softly as I lowered my mouth, taking his shaft as deep as I could. He placed his hand on my head as I started sucking him off. I bobbed my head up and down as his bulging cock slipped in and out. James moaned louder.
“That feels so fucking good,” he panted.
I continued sucking vigorously, feeling his cock hitting the back of my throat. A few seconds later he grabbed a handful of my hair and grunted loudly as he erupted inside my mouth, filling it with streams of hot cum. I continued sucking him off, feeling his cock throbbing and pulsating as he continued ejaculating in my mouth.
I few minutes later I lifted my head, wiping my wet lips with my hand.

“Don’t worry,” he said, breathing heavily, “I won’t tell anyone…”
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