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Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Confession

“Have you ever wondered what it would like to be with another girl?” Amy asked.
            She was sitting with Lacey, her best friend, in her bedroom. It was just after 10PM.
            “Not really, why?” Lacey said with slight hesitation.

            Amy made her way behind Lacey and started massaging her shoulders. She stared down Lacey’s chest, unable to take her eyes off her cleavage. Lacey closed her eyes. Amy moved her hands lower, over Lacey’s chest and down over her large breasts. Lacey opened her eyes.

            “What are you doing?” she asked, slightly startled. But she didn’t pull away.
            “I have a confession to make…” Amy whispered in her ear.
            “What is it?” Lacey responded with a quivering voice, smelling Amy’s sweet perfume. She had a suspicion but she wanted to hear it for herself.

            “I have a massive crush on you…” Amy said softly.
            Lacey kept quiet for a few seconds.
            “Amy, I feel the same,” she said.

            Amy was a beautiful girl with long, dark hair and piercing blue eyes while Lacey had long, blonde hair and green eyes.

            “Whenever I think about you, spend time with you… I’ve just totally fallen for you,” Amy whispered as she took Lacey’s hand.

            “All those times we’ve got dressed in front of each other… I just wanted to pin you down and kiss you,” Lacey said, unable to contain her arousal.

            “Lie down on your back,” Amy instructed.

            Lacey obeyed and collapsed onto the big, soft bed. Amy moved her body between Lacey’s legs and leaned in for a kiss, slipping her tongue into Lacey’s mouth as they kissed passionately. Amy moved her hand under Lacey’s shirt and massaged her breast, playing with her puffy nipples as it hardened between her fingers. Lacey closed her eyes and moaned softly. They continued kissing, tasting each other as their tongues wrestled.
            “I’m so wet…” Lacey whispered.

            Amy moved down and pulled Lacey’s short skirt up. She could see Lacey’s moist, cotton panties as she ran her fingers over her swollen lips. She slipped her fingers into the side of her panties and pulled it to one side, exposing Lacey’s wet, shaven folds. Amy ran her finger over her slit, slipping it into her swollen mound as she rubbed her clitoris. Lacey moaned louder as she dug her fingers into the bed.

            Amy parted Lacey’s lips and slipped her finger into her tight, wet hole. Lacey gasped.

            “You have a tight little pussy, don’t you,” Amy said as she lowered her head and slipped her tongue between Lacey’s lips.

            Amy slipped her finger in and out of Lacey’s pussy while she ran her tongue around her clitoris. Lacey started shaking as she tightened her grip on the bed. A few seconds later she bit down on her lip, stifling a scream as she convulsed into an intense orgasm. She writhed and trembled as Amy continued sucking her sensitive nub.

            A few minutes later Amy emerged from between her legs and smiled.

            “My turn…”

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